West Equestrian Team and Rescue
The Team was first established in 2003 for the purpose of providing local kids with horses, equipment and
coaching to compete and participate in a variety of horse activities.  We are different from 4H, FFA and Rodeo
clubs in that we do not require kids to own their own horse.   Dressage, Jumping, Competitive Trail and Vaulting
(gymnastics on horseback) are some of the events offered..

The horses are owned by West Equestrian Service,  and loaned in from other local owners.

The team also works with rescued horses which the kids help rehabilitate, retrain, show and find new homes for.  
The Coach for the Team is Cheryl West who invests extra coaching, coordinating,  and horse related time directly
to the team for minimal compensation.  We strive to make show more afforable to all.

All students are eligible for the team once they have accomplished the skills necessary to control and ride their
horses, at walk, trot and canter in a variety of situations.
SHOWING Requirements            Camp schedule can be found on the camp page.  

Showing is a privilege, with a lot of time invested, so please be familiar with requirements;  they have been established to make
showing as enjoyable, safe, rewarding and affordable for all.

1.  Riders are eligible, as determined by Instructors and coaches. We consider ability to control horse, safety and ability.
1.  Minimum 3 weeks advance notice to particpate in shows.
Please inform us of  what shows you can do this year asap.  We will have to do some intensive scheduling to ensure everyone
has a chance to show and meet end of year requirements.
2.  All riders are expected to assist with events.   
Including prepping  horses, packing equipment the night before an event, and to help put away and clean
up after event completion.  Participating and helping other team members and the coach (es) at the show is mandatory.
3.  All riders work towards qualifing for dressage show awards:
Team members must show a minimum of 3 shows, and including 5 tests, and volunteer 4 hours to each chapter (8 total).
We volunteer while at shows.
Team riders (those showing for club awards) have first priority.  (We will be full this year!)
4.  GCC, GPC and ODS membership required.
We show for three clubs, membership required for all. All records for showing and year end awards will be maintained by WEST.
Membership for all three clubs is $55 for Jr.  Families with two riders is $75, Amatuer/Open riders are $75 for the entire year (a deal).
GCC = Green Country Chapter, based in Tulsa   GPC  = Great Plains Chapter, based in Stillwater   
ODS = Oklahoma Dressage society.
Coach West will help you fill out paperwork and mail it in!
Please let us know if you plan to do your own, so we can track status
5.  Student pays event fees    
Most competitors ride two classes(tests) which usually cost $15 to $20 per class, and $5 or $10 office fe.  
A show
averages $65 per team member
Riders will contribute $15 towards gas, minor show equipment and horse needs.
Coaching, horse and tack usage are supplied no charge.
6.  Must have an official collared team event shirt to compete.  
Our enphasis is on competing as a team, working together and being supportive to each other.  A team shirt shows our unity.
Shirt is underarmour, of good quality, and should last 2 - 3 years if maintained.  Cost is $50.
Includes Team name and Riders name embroidered.
Allison Varnell
Prairie Lane Dressage Show Intro A Test
Jr Division (only her 2nd show!)
Other successes....
Kendall West April 2006 Intro A First Place and High Point Jr Award on Skip N Go Seek
Kendall West Indian Territory Competitive Trail Ride 1st Place Horsemanship, 2nd Place Horse
Morgan Potter October 2006 Oakbrooke Dressage Show 2nd Place on Hez Obviously Daddys (Shade)
Brandon Van Dam Nov 2006 Wind Valley Farm Dressage Show 1st place Junior Intro A , and High Point Jr On
Brandon Van Dam Age 13 Pecan Creeks Bright
Robbers Route Competitive Trail Ride
1st place Horse
1st Place Horsemanship
Zink Ranch Competitive Trail Ride
Sweepstakes Novice Champion
1st Place Jr Horse and 2nd Place Horsemanship

3rd Place Horse in Regional CTR Standings!!!!
Wind Valley Farm Dressage Show
Kendall West 1st Intro B, 1st GAG1,
High Point JR
Pecan Creeks Major Vibration
Allison Varnell (not pictured)  1st Intro A  Shadow
Alex Solomon (with Allisons ribbon)
first show visit no competiton
Breanna Winburn 2nd Intro A, 3rd Intro B Shade
Adam Hopper  3rd Intro B, Shade

Cheryl West   Coach (behind pony) 1st place Intro B
Open  Pecan Creeeks Bright Shadow
Kendall West 1st Intro B Pecan Creeks Major
Brandon Van Dam 2nd Intro B Pecan Creeks Shadow
Adam Hopper 3rd Intro A Shade
Allison Varnell 5th Shadow Intro B
Breanna Winburn 4th Intro A Shade (first ride & show)

Kendall West 2nd Intro A
Brandon Van Dam 2nd Intro B, 1st GAG 4  Shadow
Breanna Winburn 4th Intro B, 3rd GAG4 Shade
Kayla Sherrill, Kristen Acevedo, and Kari
Nichols all placing high on Hez oviously's
Daddys at the October 2011 Stillwater
Dressage schooling show at Valley View
Farm, pre training level
2011 Green Country Dressage Awards
Kendall, Superfragilistic, Champion, Amateur Training Level;
Brandon, Logan’s Bedazzling Onyx, 5th, Jr 13+ Training;
Jayden, Illusive Mirage (rescued horse), Champion ,Jr 13+, Intro
Talia, Creek, Reserve Champion, Jr 12- Intro;
Abby, Cartwheel’s Belle Star, 4th, Jr 13+ Training;
Emily, Pecan Creeks Bright Shadow, Reserve Champion, Jr 13+
Kayla, Hez Obviously Daddy’s, 3rd, Jr 12-, Intro;
Coach Cheryl West, Reserve Champion Open, Tulsa Time, (1st
year horse), Intro.
Not Present (but ribbons are!): Aubrey, Logan’s Bedazzling
Onyx, 5th, Jr 13+ Intro;
Dr. K. Shipman, Creek, 5th Amatuer Intro.
Jayden, Talia, Dr. Shipman, Aubrey and Kayla were all first year

GPC Schooling Championships:
Training Jr Champion Kayla Sherrill on Eclipse
Intro Jr Champion Talia Fore on Shadow
First Level Jr 1st place Emily O'meilia On General
(owned by Dr Shipman)
Training Open Champion Pam Rhodes
First Level Open Champion Cheryl West

and more!!!
Previous Years:
We have a running record of success.  An we do it with grace, politeness, and
a good sense of sportmanship.
Great Plains Championships

Victor Glunt, 2nds, 3rd, Intro Level
Pam rhodes  1st, 2nd, Intro
Kayla Sherrill 1sts, 2nd  4 Training Classes
Kristen Acevedo   2nds,3rds, Training Classes
Lily Rhodes, 1sts, 2nds Intro level
kari Nichols, 1sts thru 3rds, Intro and Training
Rachel Whitton, 1sts and 2nds, Intro and Training
Cheryl West 1sts on Galaxy Paint Design,
Fredricksburg 90 days training.   
Great Plains Championships

Kristen Acevedo   4th Jr Training
Emily O'meilia Reserve Jr Intro
           on Salem 4 months training!
Rachel Whitton, 5th Amatuer Intro on Onyx
Kayla Sherrill ReserveTraining on Eclipse
                 4th Training on Titan
Cheryl West
   Champion And overall High Pointon Galaxy
      3rd on Top Bug Baber.
Marilyn Bassett  3rd Open Training Level
Lily Rhodes, 10th Intro level
Pam Rhodes 4th Reserve Champion
Kari Nichols,3rd Intro and  5th Training
Victor Glunt not pictured 5th Open Intro